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Women’s Therapy Group

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Women’s Therapy Group

Tuesdays 5:30 p.m.-6:45 p.m.

To register, please call (561) 496-1094

Group Leader: Christiane Blanco-Oilar, Ph.D. The Center for Treatment of Anxiety and Mood Disorders

  • Women 21+ who are ready to establish more satisfying relationships with self/others, and therefore reduce significant stress from their lives and heal from hurtful relationships.
  • Gain deeper awareness of yourself and interactions with others. Learn and practice healthier ways of being with the support of other women in a safe therapeutic environment.
  • Cost: $75 per group session/$405 for 6 sessions paid in advance. Minimum six-week commitment.

Group only has room for 8 members, so please RSVP soon. Each interested member will undergo a 30-minute screening session with group leader for $50. Group will start when we have 4 members signed up.

Join Dr. Blanco-Oilar as she facilitates this interactive and unique group for women ages 21 and up.

When is the group beginning? 
Group will be held Tuesdays from 5:30 pm to 6:45 pm beginning as soon as there are a minimum of 4 members signed up.

Where is the workshop being held? 
The Center for Treatment of Anxiety and Mood Disorders
4600 Linton Blvd, Suite 320, Delray Beach, FL 33445
(561) 496-1094

Who is it open to?
The workshop is open to women, aged 21 and up

What is the cost?
$75 per group session/$405 for 6 sessions paid in advance. Each interested woman will undergo a 30 minute screening session with the group leader in advance for $50. Groups begin when there are 4 members signed up.

Interested in RSVPing for the group or have questions? Contact the staff at The Center for Treatment of Anxiety and Mood Disorders or call (561) 496-1094.

About the Presenter

Dr. Christiane Blanco-Oilar is a licensed psychologist who graduated from the University of Oregon where she received a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology in 2008. She was the proud recipient of a Dissertation Award from the American Psychological Association.

For almost 15 years, Dr. Blanco-Oilar has specialized in treating adults in diverse settings including university counseling centers, hospitals, nursing homes and in private practice.

While she is a generalist helping clients with wide ranging concerns, Dr. Blanco-Oilar’s area of specialty is helping clients heal form recent or past trauma. She leads the Trauma and Resiliency Program at The Center for Anxiety and Mood Disorders.

Dr. Blanco-Oilar tailors her treatment to each client’s unique needs utilizing different psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and mindfulness-based interventions.

She is also trained and certified EMDR therapist—certified by the EMDR International Association. EMDR is an evidence-based cutting edge treatment for trauma. Dr. Blanco-Oilar provides her psychological services, including EMDR, in English or Spanish, both with native fluency and depending on the preferences of the patient.

Dr. Blanco-Oilar is a member of the American Psychological Association, and the Florida Psychological Association. She is licensed to practice in Florida as well as in Illinois.

Dr. Andrew Rosen PHD, ABPP, FAACP is a Board-Certified Psychologist and the Founder and Director of The Center for Treatment of Anxiety and Mood Disorders, as well as, the Founder of The Children’s Center for Psychiatry Psychology and Related Services.


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