Transitions to Parenthood

Trying to Become Pregnant?

Wanting to have a child can be one of the most intense desires that a person experiences. Individuals who want to have a child but are experiencing difficulties becoming pregnant and coping with the process of infertility treatments may feel alone, frustrated, ashamed or experience symptoms of depression or anxiety. When faced with a significant stressor, therapy may be a helpful outlet to help cope with these feelings and reduce stress.

The Baby Blues & Postpartum Depression/Anxiety

Having a baby is supposed to be such an exciting time; however, it can also feel overwhelming and exhausting. The Baby Blues refers to feelings that may arise after having a baby such as feeling irritabale, worried, feeling happy one moment and then crying the next, fatigue and forgetfulness. The experience of postpartum depression or anxiety is more intense and lasts longer than the feelings of Baby Blues.

picture of a woman holding a babies handServices:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Group Therapy

Group Therapy

The following groups are available at The Center for Treatment of Anxiety & Mood Disorders to provide support and resources to help guide you through the emotional adjustment to pregnancy, birth and parenthood; with other women who are experiencing similar feelings.

All three groups are led by Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dr. KC Charette.

  • Preparing for Parenthood
  • Adjusting to Parenthood
  • Healing with Hope

Meet Our Team

  • Dr. KC Charette is a Clinical Psychologist and brings her experience of working in a Women’s Clinic and providing treatment for women with postpartum depression/ anxiety and couples adjusting to pregnancy and parenthood to The Center for Treatment of Anxiety and Mood Disorders. Dr. Charette utilizes evidenced-based interventions, and incorporates holistic (wellness) approaches into treatment. Aided by her warmth and authenticity, Dr. Charette creates an environment where clients feel safe and empowered to cope with the uncertainty and challenges that can come with the journey of getting pregnant and carrying a child. She will help you develop stress-reducing coping skills that fit your life-style.
  • Dr. Elizabeth Falchook is a board-certified psychiatrist with clinical expertise in treating women with mood and anxiety disorders during pregnancy, postpartum, and pre-conceptional planning.  She provides diagnostic evaluation and medication management services.  Medication is often a useful tool in a treatment regimen that also includes psychotherapy, social support, exercise, good nutrition, and adequate rest.  Dr. Falchook listens closely to individuals’ experiences, concerns, and values to develop a personalized, evidence-based plan. She works with a team of psychologists to provide comprehensive and compassionate care.
  • Dr. Christiane Blanco-Oilar, a warm, non-judgmental psychologist utilizes an evidence-based approach to working with couples welcoming a baby home. She will conduct a thorough assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship, and develop a tailored approach designed to “baby proof” and strengthen your relationship. Dr. Blanco-Oilar also offers individual therapy for mothers who are, or may be experiencing, Post-Partum Depression. Services are offered in English and/or Spanish.
  • Dr. Steven Macchione is a postdoctoral fellow who is easy to talk to, non-judgmental, and able to empathize with the ups and downs of parenthood. He offers an eclectic approach to treatment that recognizes and respects the fact that some individuals are looking for brief, solution-focused counseling, while others are more interested in an in-depth, insight-oriented exploration of unconscious drives. Dr. Macchione will work with you to craft an individualized treatment plan, and help you achieve your goals, as you define them.

Our pregnancy transition services are offered in Delray Beach, FL and also across the United States via teletherapy.

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