The Growing Childhood Obesity Epidemic

overweight child eating pizza whie looking at a laptop

Growing up in the United States, many of us enjoyed a childhood filled with fun and games. Whether it was playing tag on the playground or challenging our friends at sports competitions, we had an abundance of energy that frequently seemed inexhaustible. Today, however, that is often not the case, as more and more children […]

Childhood Obesity: Weight Control and Your Child – Conceding the Battle to Win the War

In this day and age in which the media has exposed the epidemic of childhood obesity and associated diabetes, it is impossible for parents to not be more attuned to this issue with their children. For better and worse, we have access to data, research and information like never before. This is clearly the case in the area of food, nutrition and physiology. No doubt, understanding the implications of how we feed our bodies and how we move our bodies is invaluable information. What can often be a difficult task is translating this information into utilizable material that our children can understand.