Signs You May be a Hypochondriac

A hypochondriac is someone who lives with the fear that they have a serious, but undiagnosed medical condition, even though diagnostic tests show there is nothing wrong with them. Hypochondriacs experience extreme anxiety from the bodily responses most people take for granted. For example, they may be convinced that something as simple as a sneeze is the sign they have a horrible disease.

Hypochondria accounts for about five percent of outpatient medical care annually. More than 200,000 people are diagnosed with health anxiety (also known as illness anxiety disorder) each year.

Hypochondriac Symptoms

Hypochondria is a mental health disorder. It usually starts in early adulthood and may show up after the person or someone they know has gone through an illness or after they’ve lost someone to a serious medical condition. About two-thirds of hypochondriacs have a co-existing psychiatric disorder, such as panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), or major depression. Hypochondria symptoms can vary, depending on factors such as stress, age, and whether the person is already an extreme worrier.

Hypochondriac symptoms may include:

·         Regularly checking themselves for any sign of illness

·         Fearing that anything from a runny nose to a gurgle in their gut is the sign of a serious illness

·         Making frequent visits to their doctor

·         Conversely, avoiding the doctor due to fear that the doctor will find they have a dreaded disease or serious illness

·         Talking excessively about their health

·         Spending a lot of time online, researching their symptoms

·         May focus on just one thing: a certain disease (example: cancer) or a certain body part (example: the lungs if they cough). Or, they may fear any disease or might become focused on a trending disease (example: during flu season, they may be convinced that a sniffle means they’re coming down with the flu)

·         Are unconvinced that their negative medical tests are correct, then worry that they have something undiagnosed and that no one will be able to find it and cure them

·         Avoiding people or places they fear may cause them to get sick

Health anxiety can actually have its own symptoms because it’s possible for the person to have stomachaches, dizziness, or pain as a result of their overwhelming anxiety. In fact, illness anxiety can take over a hypochondriac’s life to the point that worrying and living in fear are so stressful, the person can become debilitated.

You may be wondering what triggers hypochondria. Although there really isn’t an exact cause, we do know that people with illness anxiety are more likely to have a family member who is also a hypochondriac. The person with health anxiety may have gone through a serious illness and fear that their bad experience may be repeated. They may be going through major life stress or have had a serious illness during childhood. Or, they may already be suffering from a mental health condition and their hypochondria may be part of it.

Hypochondriac Treatment

Often, when a person repeatedly runs to their doctor at the first sign of a minor symptom, their doctor doesn’t take them seriously and may consider them to be a “difficult patient,” rather than a person who is honestly concerned about their health. Worse, some doctors will take advantage of the person’s fears and may run unnecessary tests just to appease the patient. In fact, it’s been estimated that more than $20 billion is spent annually on unnecessary procedures and examinations.

Self-help for hypochondria can include:

  • Learning stress management and relaxation techniques
  • Avoiding online searches for the possible meanings behind your symptoms
  • Focusing on outside activities such as a hobby you enjoy or volunteer work you feel passionate about
  • Avoiding alcohol and recreational drugs, which can increase anxiety
  • Working to recognize that the physical signs you experience are not a symptom of something ominous, but are actually normal bodily sensations
  • Setting up a schedule for regular appointments with your primary care doctor to discuss your health concerns. Work with them to set a realistic limit on medical tests and specialist referrals.

Professional treatments for hypochondria include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which is very helpful for reducing patient fears. In this type of therapy, the person learns to recognize and understand the false beliefs that set off their anxiety. Research has shown that CBT successfully teaches hypochondriacs to identify what triggers their behavior and gives them coping skills to help them manage it.
  • Behavioral stress management or exposure therapy may be helpful
  • Psychotropic medications, such as anti-depressants, are sometimes used to treat health anxiety disorder

It is worth noting that many sufferers are unwilling to acknowledge the role anxiety plays in their symptoms. This makes them less likely to seek help from a mental health professional. Often, hypochondriacs are so resistant to the idea that they have anxiety that it takes intervention from loved ones to help them understand that they need assistance.

Get Help for Health Anxiety Disorder

Being a hypochondriac and experiencing health anxiety can be debilitating. It can severely affect the lives of the people who suffer from it.  The mental health professionals at The Center for Treatment of Anxiety and Mood Disorders in Delray Beach, Florida are experienced in helping those with illness anxiety. For more information, contact us or call us today at 561-496-1094.

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    I have all of the above and it definitely sucks. Last year it was something else and this year its another thing. Its very stressful. And stress is not what I’m trying to be. I even stopped doing my hobby and little cause I’m always in the mirror. Wake up and look at myself. It sucks. Comparing pictures of myself.

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      Same here… Stuck in the mirror.. And comparinh the images

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      Why give up your hobbies. Put them on hold. And stop running yourself down. Low self esteem brings all these issues together. Sometimes it helps to tell yourself it isn’t so bad. I feel these too.

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      Yes! Once you graduate from one disease, you move on to the next. Ex. Lymphoma then brain tumor.

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    brooke liston

    what do you do if you cant get to sleep at night because you think your going to die in your sleep??

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      Mra. Hypocondriac

      This one got to me. I’m doing that right now … it’s horrible!

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      The Deliverer

      You should try smoking weed before bed not alot just a hit, itll put you right to sleep. Also some self reflection might help too. Just think if you did pass in your sleep, it would be a nice comfortable way to go. Or mabye watch a stand up comedian until you fall asleep might take your mind off things.

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        There’s no one-treatment-fits all solution. You may like your way, but not everyone would. I’m allergic to cannabis. I ate one of my grandson’s muffins without knowing he put weed into it. Because it didn’t taste right to me, I didn’t eat the rest, and that was a good thing. What I did eat caused more than four hours of grand mal seizures with convulsive tremors, aphasia, loss of ability to use numbers, and resulted in an ambulance ride to the nearest ER, humiliation, and a huge hospital bill. That was no hypochondria. My grown daughter cried, because she thought I was going to die. The EMTs were concerned about it, also. Trying the wrong thing can result in worse problems than what it was supposed to solve.

        • Reply
          Its Not As Bad As You Think

          I hate to break it to you but your doctors are lying about cannabis alergies. Cannabis does the exact opposite and stops siezures. You most likely had a panic attack coupled with an existing underlying illnesd. Get a second opinion before you spend thousands in the crooked modern health system.

          • Figure It Out

            Nope, you’re thinking of CBD. That is what is used to treat seizures. It’s actually incredibly possible to be allergic to cannabis, and many people are. I hate to break it to you, but just because smoking weed feels good to some of us, that doesn’t mean it’s the same for everyone.

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          Weed "Allergies"

          Mostly putting this here in case somebody in the future comes across it. There are some people for whom weed affects – like the way you described above. For people like you (and me) it can trigger latent psychosis, or aggravate preexisting psychosis. It can trigger other effects like nausea, headache, hallucinations, etc. For me, I can’t hang around gatherings, parties, public spaces, etc. where weed use is happening / recently occurred. It causes hellish migraines that hunt me for hours and hours, the worst I got were visual hallucinations, thankfully minor, and paranoia on top of the migraine and nausea. I have avoided smoking it myself and luckily haven’t ended up with edibles, but I imagine the effects would be much more pronounced. I won’t demonize weed, but beware of people who tell you that any drug is incapable of having bad side effects. Be smart, listen to your body, start small, and have a friend with you if you’re trying something for the first time.

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        Charlotte Ernst

        I do agree with you some people don’t like to smoke weed cuz I don’t want to feel the high feeling but CBD has been one of the best things for my hypochondria and my anxiety it doesn’t give you the high feeling if you’re not one of those that enjoys that but it does calm you and let your brain rest so that you can get sleep

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        Weed can trigger some of the biggest panic attacks. I never touch the stuff.

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        Weed can trigger some of the biggest panic attacks. I never touch the stuff. It is not a cure-all and is not for everyone.

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      I was like that after learning of a neighbor who died in his sleep. It took a long time to fall asleep as I would jump awake a lot. I finally realized that my chances of dying in my sleep were no greater than anyone else’s . I sleep comfortably now. Anxiety has many tricks. Fear of falling asleep is but one of them. You’ve been fine so far. All of that worrying for noth. You’re fine. Relax all of your muscles. That always helps me. ☺

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      I have this all the time. I don’t get up to 4 hours of sleep each night for more than a year now.

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      Talk to someone. It helps when you’ve got a good companion that will talk to you til you’re comfortable enough to sleep. And let them watch you fort while. It really helps to have someone with you.

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      Amina Parone Williams

      I can definitely relate… It’s exhausting.

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    My child was very sick from the day she was born. Kidney failure then a transplant. She is 24 and I am just now realizing she is also a hypochondriac. Her kidney failure is real but all the other hospital visits have not been for an actual pain from an illness. I quit my job, have had to drop out of school and stay home. I am seriously angry! I have not said anything to her but i am taking her to a psychologist next week.

    • Reply

      Your child is actually ill. Im sure she doesn’t want to be. A little compassion wouldn’t hurt. Might actually calm her down to know someone cares and is there for her.

    • Reply

      Don’t be angry at your daughter, as frustrating as it can be to be on the other end imagine how she must feel. she’s probably tramatized from what she has been through if anything she needs someone to understand how shes feeling. It’s good you are getting her counseling because that’s what anyone would need after having something potentially life threatening. I myself witnessed a lived one nearly die twice and got phobias turns out I had ptsd from it and sever anxiety. None of that is self inflicted. No one wants to live in fear like that and if my mother actually would have held me and said it’s going to be ok instead of freaking out at first I wonder what might have been different. Just thought I’d share that.

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      Her being sick shouldnt be an excuse for you not to accomplish yourself.

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      It’s not your child’s fault you had her and had to deal with all of her ups and downs. When you had her, you made that agreement to make sacrifices when you gave birth and raised her. You quit your job and dropped out of school because you wanted to be there for her, right? Then how is that her fault? I understand it’s frustrating to deal with a hypochondriac, but your anger really won’t make it better.

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      My mother was just like you. She was angry at me being concerned about my health. To this day, my mother and I have an estranged relationship. I can’t even visit her without feeling bad about myself. I feel my most happiest and stress-free when she’s not around. Do you really want your daughter to cast you out of her life once she does start to feel better and stronger?

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    Ilse Bader

    I am wondering if I may be. A hypochondriac or that I simply have a lousy M.D.,how can I find out? Recently my doctor removed a ” cyst” from my.ear,it was as round as a large marble.Cancer runs in my family,my sister died from it(56), all of my Aunts have had it,so I was very surprised when he didn’t do a biopsy.I felt like I had a horrendous infection after the surgical removal of the cyst on my Ear Lobe, tests came back as no infection,so ( for the first time ever) I checked what test he did,he did a test for swimmers ear,not a test on the discharge coming from my wound. I think he just writes me off as hypochondriac,however I felt REALLY sick after the surgery,serious I’ can I find out if I have this condition

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      YIKES!! if I was you I would be SCREAMING at my doctor to check me for cancer, good luck!!

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    hey, I’m a teen and think I have hypochondria, but I’m not sure. Since I was very little (7-8-maybe younger) I’ve always thought that I’ve had lots of diseases. Usually I think that I have one (my main) disease for a good 3-4 months (sometimes almost a year) and then I think I have a bunch of other diseases but am less focused on them but still worried. Usually if I read books, watch movies, or a friend is talking about a disease, I will later (a few months after) think that I have that disease. Also one time when I was little I was watching little house in the prairie-when the girl had to get her appendix removed, the next day I was convinced I had to get mine removed because my stomach was hurting a lot. Another time I thought I had lucemia because my nose bleed a few times. I also am constantly looking up symptoms. I’m just wondering if it sounds like I have hypochondria or something else, because sometimes I think I have things that aren’t really necessarily diseases (like the appendix). Anyways let me know what you think, thanks:)

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      Ella Claire

      Same here. My hypochondria also started in childhood

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        Hey Emily, I’m also a teen and I’ve been going through literally the exact same thing. Ever since I was about 9, I’ve been convinced that I have some type of disease. I’m aware that it’s ridiculous once I move on to something else, but while it’s going on it feels so real. I spend a ridiculous amount of time looking up symptoms and self-diagnosing myself, and I usually fixate on something after I see something that triggers it (reading a book where the main character has brain cancer, seeing a sign that says a product I purchased may contain some potentially toxic chemical, etc.) I spent months when I was eleven convinced I was dying because I had a callus’s on my finger from writing. The symptoms just keep getting worse as I get older, and as I get older I’m less and less willing to ask for help because I realize that the people I would turn to will not help me in the ways I need. I love my parents, and I know they’d believe me, but the last time I brought up serious anxieties they sent me to a therapist who didn’t help and then just kind of forgot about it. My mom has anxiety issues, and because of my mentioning my feelings then she now confides her anxieties to me occasionally, which makes me feel awful because she’s my mother and she’s supposed to be the one taking care of me. I’ve noticed that over time I’ve been developing more negative emotional symptoms, and they all seem to have started with the possible hypochondria. They’ve been around for long enough that I can recognize them as real, and besides I’ve never obsessed about emotions the same way as physical symptoms. No one needs to respond to this, I just needed to say it somewhere because it’s been bottled up for to long. Thank you for putting up with my obnoxiousness, everyone.

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      Yes, I have Hypochondria, and your symptoms are identical. Now that you know this, one major thing that helps is not looking up symptoms. Trust me Emily.

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        I feel exactly the same way. If we are learning a disease in the biology class, after the class I immediately convince myself that I have that disease no matter if it is genetic, virus or even HIV. How can one have Aids when he is virgin? It’s definitely hypochondria. Overall, you aren’t alone and I too have all the symptoms you mentioned. In that case, you are hypochondriac and the sooner you learn that is the sooner you can find appropriate help.

        I am crying while I am writing this comment because I never knew what hypochondria was eventhough am big one. I am Somali and it’s not common my people to talk about their emotions for the fear of seen as weak. My mom died when I was young so my aunt gets angry when she spends a lot of money in the hospital running different tests and the reports come back negative. She thinks that I am lying about my problems but they are very real to me. Couple of months ago I was misdiagnosed with blood cancer and I after that I became even more hypochondriac. I constantly fear cancer😔

        • Reply
          Dr. Andrew Rosen

          Hi Carter,

          Please contact us through the contact page to learn more about the options and support available.

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      I feel exactly the same way. If we are learning a disease in the biology class, after the class I immediately convince myself that I have that disease no matter if it is genetic, virus or even HIV. How can one have Aids when he is virgin? It’s definitely hypochondria. Overall, you aren’t alone and I too have all the symptoms you mentioned. In that case, you are hypochondriac and the sooner you learn that is the sooner you can find appropriate help.

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    Malayah Brown

    I’m pretty sure I’m a hypochondriac I am always getting nervous when my stomach hurts I over think and I don’t eat I am damn near about to pass out I am so nervous when it comes to stomach aches I clean the entire house and I can’t be around people it’s crazy I am 16 and right now I had stomach pain then I had a panic attack and I felt weak, shaky, faint, and all of the above I don’t know how to control it or get over it I want to become a NICU nurse practitioner and I just need a little guidance.

    • Reply

      I was like that too. It will get better. Definitely go see a psychiatrist or psychologist to help you through this with cognitive behaviour therapy. Also try CBD drops.

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    i think my mother is either a hypochondriac or has Munchhausen syndrome. I’ve been to numerous doctor’s with her. i know she has some health problems. But a little while later – hours or days, she twists what the doctor says when she’s posting online, or now she has to have surgery or has been diagnosed with a disease I didn’t hear the doctor say. I work full time & cannot run to the doctor with her for EVERY tiny little thing. She’s had lots of tests run & when she doesn’t get ‘results’ that she thinks is accurate, she calls the doctor a quack & finds another. She thinks i’m cold, insensitive & uncaring because i don’t drop everything & run when she has an ‘episode’. She even went to the ER for a splinter once. I’m at my wits end on what to do about her. She’s my mother and i lover her, but she’s ruining our relationship.

    • Reply
      Pamela McLay-Henderson

      You certainly have a huge problem. I empathize with you greatly! My advice would be to pick the doctor who is the most experienced/ most caring and – if possible- the one whom your mum sees the most – and teleppone the clinic privately and ask to arrange a time to speak to her/ this doctor. Then tell them candidly what you notice she is doing. and tell them your concerns, and ask for their help in gettng her suitable psychological counselling. Because of privacy issues they may not be allowed to share their opinions or medical information about your mum, with you, but they can certainly listen to YOUR concerns, and if this i somethng they may not have considerred, it will alert them as something to look for in the future, and if – as is most likely- the possibility of hypochondria has crossed their mind, too, then your imput may help to confirm their diagnosis and make them act to get the correct help for your mum. But be aware – the biggest problem you ( and her doctors )have is convincing yout mum that she has a mental illness, not a physical one and thus gettng her to agree to recieving the correct help! But the best thing you can do is -DO show her care and condern and love – and urge her to see this doctor whom you have spoken to- when next she is havng an episode/ but DON’T reinforce your symptoms by givng her heaps of extra attention, or going with her to the appt- UNLESS the doctor has asked that you do so next time she needs to see him/ her. To be most effective, it will probably take two or more doctors AND YOU/ and other family memebrs if there ae any- working together – to convince her she has a different kind of problem. But be aware that hypocondria is in itself an illness- – so in a sense she IS sick, and DOES require treatment! This is NOT something she is just pretending to get attention / nor is it something that – without professional help- she can control!

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      i know how this is… my mom has been a hypochondriac w/ a ton of real health problems since Ilost my grandpa at 11 yrs old. Shes sat me down and broke the news that she may have cancer or a tumor more than once to me..its traumatizing, it hurts and now it makes me angry… the first time she told me the doc thought she might have cancer i cried in my wife’s arms i was so scared……she didn’t. Not even a week later its something else..randomly calls me at work and home to tell me about her test and results..she goes to the doctor at least once a week……As a result of being a child growing up seeing this i feel like im becoming her. I cry about it everyday at random moments….like Im just sitting with my kids and wife trying to enjoy life. then out of nowhere i feel a tingle, or a pain, or a vibration or a muscle twitch or anything and it starts….crying, racing thoughts, spastic heart beats, and those feeling make it multiply….its just an endless pit….true anxiety that hurts. so, I talk to myself and go through the coping strategies….. when Im in that state its like a sensory overload…. it helps to get it out and to know im not the only one… realizing that this is part of me its half the battle. thank you. I pray for you all as i hope you do for me too

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    Even though I have valid concerns…it seems as though just worrying about it without taking action is turning me more and more into a full blown hypochondriac! I fit most of the criteria listed above! I have cancer in my family…grandmother and aunt died from it…other aunts currently being evaluated for suspicious lumps. I have lumps in the same areas for decades and I’ve just been worrying about it but not actually doing anything about it! Now that I’m losing weight and getting strange pains in the lumps and elsewhere…I’m telling myself I’m probably last stage but STILL I’m not going to the doctor to do a biopsy. I think I’m afraid that if I check them out -my fears would be confirmed and then I’ll have days to live or something. So I’m stuck not knowing for sure but constantly worrying silently.

    • Reply

      Hi Mepragoo .
      You are not alone here, I also put off doctors appointments for the fear of finding out bad news. But I’m getting better at this. Iv been working on my Health Anxiety and researching why I’m so scared of getting sick… it’s the fear of death itself. Iv been researching what happens to the body when we die and the fact that we ALL one day will die no matter what. That it the most certain thing we can count on.!
      I’m glad I found this forum as I feel
      Grate relief that I’m not alone in this.
      Please go to the doctor if your symptoms are getting worrying. Take a support person with you so if the news isn’t great you have someone with you.
      And also not all serious I’llness end in death. Medicine has come a very long way.
      Best of luck . Xxx

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        The idea that all of us will die one day, no matter what, is what frightens me. Sometimes, I wonder why I’m still living. Why fight to live, when I’m living to die? I’ve seriously got more fears than just health. I wasn’t raised with the same religious views as others, so I have serious doubts about heaven. I also read up on what happens to the body when we die, and that’s what started my hypochondria.

  12. Reply

    I’m a very big hypochondriac, and I’m only 11. I always think I have cancer or a tumour or any kind of disease, and I worry about every single little pain, but I avoid the doctors. Help me please lol

    • Reply

      Can you talk to any family members about this? Also therapy could really help you. 😀

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    I have all of the above, and I specifically worry about my sexual health and unplanned pregnancy. At the moment I am overthinking everything and have booked an STD Screening (which is a good thing anyway, but I am extremely worried about the results). I am very responsible when it comes to sex and i always use condoms as well as the pill. My long term partner is STI free (he got a check) but Im still scared he’s mistaken/his tests weren’t done right. I started having nightmares and I struggle to sleep. I have anxiety and it sucks.

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      I’m the same way! I always fear that I have an STD and I worry myself into making appointments. I also fear unplanned pregnancy. One time I thought that I could feel a baby kicking inside my stomach.

      Anxiety is a powerful thing.

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      I have the same thing right now and its been 2 months seens i been feeling like i have Hiv even though i went to do a 4th generation and came out negative and i feel real symptoms

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    Izzy Bently

    I was wondering if I might have this. All of my close family members have anxiety issues so I wouldn’t be surprised. I wonder if I have it because many nights I worry that i’m going to have a heart attack, because I’m not super skinny and I’ve just always worried about that. I worry and worry about it until i’m certain it’s going to happen, and what if I don’t wake up in the morning…. I also worry that someone I know or I am going to get in a fatal car accident often times. I’ll just think it’s going to happen sometime and it could be today and I could die. So then i’m incredibly tense the entire car ride. Another thing that happens is i’ll be in a movie theater, or school, or about to go on a ride in a plane, and i’ll get worried that a shooter is going to come. Sometimes I make a plan in my head for were i’ll run if they do come. I just want to stop worrying about dying all the time. 🙁

    • Reply

      Izzy, you sound exactly like me! I struggle with the same things all the time, every day. I constantly worry that I’m going to have a heart attack or that there’s something wrong with my heart. I rarely go to the movies anymore because I tend to have anxiety attacks when I do go. I’m also constantly afraid of being shot, either up close or by a stray bullet. And I don’t know if anyone else does this, but I’m constantly checking my pulse to make sure my heart is okay. I’ve been doing it for a couple years now and it has become a habit. It’s like I have to check my pulse or my heart is either going to stop beating or explode from beating too fast. I live in constant fear, and it’s beginning to seriously affect my life.

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    I am married to a hypochondriac and I can tell you it’s not easy for me either. He is ALWAYS convinced he has something wrong with him. Even the past couple of days he has convinced himself he is having a heart attack because of a bit of indigestion. He has seen his doctor who did the usual tests to prove to him that he’s not having a heart attack and now he’s talking about getting a second opinion. This is no longer a marriage – his hypochondria is destroying what we once had. I can’t even talk to my doctor about how it’s affecting me because husband insists on attending all of my appointments with me. I can’t live like this much more….

    • Reply

      My husband has a tendency to develop these hypochondriac tendencies in order to avoid things, and it always gets turned back to how *he’s* the one that’s suffering. It’s worse when I get ill (I’m an educator, so it happens at least twice a year), and then he convinces himself that he got whatever it is… but 100 times worse and escalates it.

      I’m not looking forward to his later years when it’ll inevitably get worse. You have my condolences, Sue.

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    I would also like to know if I have hypochondria. I am 19 and attend a very well known public university. I am currently a second year engineering student. I did good in school only because my elementary school was great and by the time I got to high school I no longer put any effort into school. I switched to a new middle school and cried my last day before switching because I would not see my friends again. I had to start over. I did pretty good in middle school. In high school I got into marijuana and tried lsd at 16. After that lsd experience I felt that I had had depression my whole life and finally it was lifted. I felt good for 9 months and became vegan but then i started smoking weed again. My last year of high school I did not try at all. I lost my position as valedictorian but still was ranked 3rd. Fast forward to first year at university, I did really bad. I felt and still feel that I haven’t actually learned anything. I felt dumb so I gave nootropics a try, but I would take so many and mix it with weed, I felt that I had induced psychosis upon myself. Everyone would look like animals to me and I felt that I couldn’t be near people because their energy would influence mine. Then I stopped all drugs and had a great quarter, I felt amazing. But then i went back home and my mentaliy went back to the one i had in my last year of high school. I ended up fracturing my wrist and then went back to school with my fitness dreams crushed. I was only talking to a soiopath at the time (I found out later via his actions) and I ended up withdrawing from that quarter. The next quarter came and I saw a psychiatrist in the beginning and they told me that they believe I’ve had major depression. They gave me wellbutrin but after 2 weeks I stopped taking it, because I was scared of the side effects. I had a good beginning that quarter but then it went downhill. Now I am in the next quarter, and even though I was ready to get my sh*t together I could not put myself to do work. This whole 2 years I have not been able to sit down and actually do work. It feels as though I am traumatized for some reason and I will do anything and everything to avoid work. This is bad because I love learning and I want to do good but there’s something that realy doesn’t want me to. And lately I have been feeeling so sick and like I have to throw up but then it goes away when I beath calmly. My period also keeps coming late. I feel so strongly how people’s slight judgments affect me and keep me from doing my work. Also, reading the above post I was reminded about how in high school I would read books such as The Bell Jar and afterwords felt like I was experiencing the exact same things as the protagonist and I actually did not finish reading the book in fear that it would do me harm… this is strange because my teacher had mentioned before assigning the novel, that it was banned in some places due to the content and possible issues that may arise. Anyways, this week I was feeling so out of place and was considering fully switching out of my major and taking up philosophy instead, but I really don’t know what to do anymore. I don’t believe in anxiety and feel that I can never accept that I have it even if it might be true.

  17. Reply

    I definitely have all these symptoms stated above. Im a Pharm-D student and studying about all the diseases makes me think about them all the time. I check myself constantly and get up at night with cold sweats, keep checking google for symptoms. It sucks and I feel its getting out of control, I dont know what to do.

  18. Reply

    I have had this since I was a kid, my mom always told me there was “something wrong with me” now I can’t stop thinking there is something wrong, when there isn’t. I am 33 years old now, and I suffer the most from talking about my health. I try to keep a lid on it as much as possible, because I don’t want to cry wolf to my husband, if something really serious happens. Cancer runs in my family and that is what freaks me out the most, but, stress can actually cause cancer. I am considering getting back on antidepressants or taking xanax. Last time I took those was 17 years old, chucked them in the trash….it’s sad that I have lost almost all passion in life and depression and anxiety now control me. I have to do something.

    • Reply

      I’m feeling the same too

    • Reply
      Adriane Lapasanda

      I can relate to that. My father’s side has a family bloodline of cancer. My grandfather’s dad, sister and brother died because of it. My mother’s dad also got cancer and I always think that I have a lot of chance having it because they are in my both sides. Yes I also think that stress can cause cancer but still I always overthink. Maybe when my father will go back home from abroad maybe we’ll meet him in the airport and by that it means going to a city. Maybe when I get there I’ll approach them to seek medical help just to treat myself. Thank you for sharing your story, it inspired me and a lot of people to fight.

  19. Reply

    My sister passed away from a drug overdose and ever since I have this deep fear of death. I keep thinking that she died young from something of her choice. But what if I die young, and it’s from a medical issue. I think I can find that medical issue and stop it from happening. Unfortunately, I have horrible anxiety. I have a head ache and I’m in fear of it being a brain aneurysm. I had horrible stomach pains and I’ve had multiple CT scans, colonoscopy, endoscopy and nothing was found. I’ve had ultrasounds done on my legs and my cervix. I’m only 24 years old! The last couple days I’ve had pains in my chest and a cramp in my leg. All I can think about is having a DVT that is going to kill me even though I am a very active person. I don’t know what to do and I don’t have much of a support system. Most people get tired of me when I start to talk about it. But I’m struggling and I don’t know what to do. I’m already on antidepressants and see a therapist but some days it doesnt seem to help.

    • Reply

      Kim you poor thing
      That’s so horrible for you to have gone through all of this by yourself.
      I wish I was there to give you a big hug.
      The feeling is real and very exhausting. It’s helps to have others to talk to about this stuff.
      See if you can find a support group.
      Take care of yourself. Xxxx

    • Reply

      True even my mom and brother thinks I’m nuts.

  20. Reply

    I’ve done all this i read something and go nuts reading stuff online and freaking out i been worried about liver damage glacoma side affects of seroquel im taking list goes on and on i need to stop reading stuff online and relax

    • Reply
      Wendy Maxwell

      Hi Wes. I understand. I am a registered nurse and tell my patients not to read up on symptoms on the internet . But what do i do …… read them and scare myself to death in 5-10 seconds! i have been this way my whole life going in 50 years!! It is a horrible way to live. I need to break the hypochondriac mental thought process but for me it comes and goes but is chronically debilitating. You are not alone .

      • Reply
        Dr. Andrew Rosen

        Hi Wendy,

        Please contact us through the contact page to learn more about the options and support available.

  21. Reply

    Same here.I’m experiencing this for 1 year.I spent a lot of money going to the hospital.Now I am suffering from stomach problem and having diarrhea…Is this a part of anxiety too?

  22. Reply

    I have most all those things,… Last year I convinced myself I had a brain tumor at around May, now this May am worried I have leukemia,am so scared to go see a doctor. I keep checking my pulse and looking inside my mouth and checking if my lymph nodes are swollen because I googled the symptoms, which was a bad idea because that’s what started all my problems last year,am even afraid to brush my teeth because I think they might bleed and it maybe a sign of leukemia, I really need help,I wish all this could go away and I could go back to being a normal 23 year old who is about to graduate.

  23. Reply

    I totally think I’ve turned into a hypochondriac. I started binging Greys and now all I think about is dead, I use to never really think about death a lot. I’m 31 and I’ve had panic attacks since I was a kid and I’m not the healthiest but I swear all I think about anymore is strokes or heart attacks, and I constantly research every symptom online which usually makes everything worse.

  24. Reply

    Reading these comments are making me feel a little better because for the past week I feel like I’m losing my mind I always had some
    Sort of anxiety but never to the extreme of this past week where I wake up thinking whats wrong with me all day long until I go to bed sleep is my only escape I have 3 kids and I. D.o.n.t wanna make them like me … my problem is I’m too afraid to go to doctor I’m afraid of what they might tell me ..: I just wanna go back to my normal self whatever that was lol

  25. Reply
    Brittany Belville

    I am currently up right now, because I am so scared to go to sleep because my sides have been bothering me for the past few weeks, and I’m going to the doctor in the morning, just hoping it all gets better I keep checking my pulse,I can’t close my eyes because I’m so scared I’m not going to wake up, it’s awful. 😖

  26. Reply

    My mother in law recently died of stroke and since then I’ve been feeling like I have all the symptoms. Every couple days it’s something else. It started with me actually seeing my lip twisted then my hands tingling then hands shaking, then chest pains then I kept feeling like my speech was slurred, then I thought I was not seeing properly. today I feel like my left arm leg and side of face feels weird. I’
    Afraid to sleep and when I do I wake up terrified minutes after. Am I a hypochondriac? Is it normal to feel like there are actual physical symptoms?

  27. Reply

    Do I have hypochondriac? On Nov 22, 2018 I was getting the house ready for guests to come over. I was very happy and even prior to that day, i was doing well in life. Out of nowhere I felt really dizzy which was quite strange since i actually never get dizzy. I just thought that maybe my blood pressure was low so i had some sodas. But for some reason I also felt very extremely nauseous. The yummy looking food actually just looking at it made me gag. I also started to feel A LOT of anxiety out of no where at all. Not only that but i got really bad headaches which were different from my normal migraines. I also experienced bad stomachaches so my primary doctor sent me too a GI specialist. After a endoscopy and a sonogram, turns out everything is normal but i still am convinced that it might be something serious like a Brian tumor because is till have bad headaches, constant nausea and i also I’ve been getting very easily irritated after that day. IT’S NOW MAY 23RD,2019 AND STILL I FEEL LIKE CRAP AND AM CONVINCED THATS ITS A BRIAN TUMOR. IS IT ACTUALLY POSSIBLE FOR SOMEONE TO BE A HYPOCHONDRIAC RANDOMLY ? I HAVE NO PAST HISTORY OF ANY MENTAL DISORDERS OR ANY HEALTH ISSUES OTHER THAN BEING IM IRON DIFFECIANT

  28. Reply

    I suffer from this! Its definitely taken over my life! I think I’m gonna have a stroke or hear attack and often get feelings of them. Idk how else to go on. This is no way to live. I won’t go to the doctor BC I don’t wanna know what’s going on.

  29. Reply

    I understand every one of you and it hurts my heart. I have had this disorder since childhood. I’d keep a medical book under my bed and pull it out when I had any aches or pains, now its worst with the internet. People tell me to stop googling my symptoms and looking at images. I try to! What I’m doing when I’m googling this stuff is trying to find what fits my issue and the outcome is good but that is not what we will find online! I hate this disorder so much. I suffer with it, anxiety, panic and mild OCD. If running my finger down a light switch a certain number of times (4!) before leaving a room is considered “mild.” Or twisting doorknobs to where my thumb and finger HAVE to touch. 🙄 I’m not ashamed to admit this as I once was. None of you are alone. I know it’s hard and you think you are. I feel that, too but I know by online groups that I’m not.

  30. Reply
    maria jana

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  31. Reply

    Hi Wes so you think you have health anxiety hypochondriac see deep inside you also know that it is an irrational fear that is not a truth and you do lot of research online about the disease and self diagnose your self even I was in the same boat even I think I had a serious problem and no one can help me but after years after year nothing happened all happened was I lost my peace and I lost love of my loved once and I lost so many years thinking of some irrational thing that is practically not there so I changed my pattern of thinking and started living in present and I made that an habit so health anxiety is also an habit if you feed it more it will kills you more so someday everyone should die there is no guarantee that you live tommorow so why should we die on a daily basis so wake up and enjoy the beauty of life because all you could take is beautiful memories bye Wes.

  32. Reply
    Janet McDaniel

    I definitely am a hypochondriac. I can remember back as a child sitting in church and asking the girl next to me if she was hot because I was hot and I thought I had something wrong with me. My mom has always been a worrier and her mother and then her mother so I know I got the worry part honestly. I was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer three years ago June 2. My annual mammogram is coming up on Monday and I am scared out of my mind. I can just see the mammogram coming back that there something wrong. Yesterday was a really bad day I was so far down I couldn’t even reach up to touch the bottom. This mental disease is terrible and I really feel like I would want to talk to someone about it. It is the most alone feeling even though my family has all been right there with me giving hugs staying with me all day texting and calling. They all know that before my mammogram about a week or two weeks before that I really really get beside myself about it. It’s like life is on standstill until I can find out the results and then Go on living my life.

  33. Reply
    Jane Lindley

    Hi im suffering with all of the symptoms i av got worse since my partner was diagnoised with small cell lung cancer ive always worried that iv got a disease that i will die started more with my heart skipping a beat so now fretting over that as my dad died from a heart attack my body constantly feels like achey and painfull i av been like this since i was 21 im now 51 and feel i av had no life with this

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  36. Reply

    i think i am a hypochondriac. i’m a teenager. for the past 7 weeks i have had non stop pain. i’ve been to the doctor and emergency room multiple times and they’ve told me that nothing is wrong with me and that i am perfectly fine. i denied all of it though and i think i have different types of cancers. each day i tell my mom different symptoms. i have made the mistakes of googling symptoms too. my chest pain is awful. plus i have gad and depression. i take medication but it doesn’t seem strong enough.

  37. Reply

    that ‘may just focus on one thing’ part hit me so hard. when I was 14 I became terrified of organ failure, and then viruses that might’ve slipped under the radar, and then by the time I was 15 I was irrationally terrified of coming into contact with clostridium tetani or strychnine. obviously a horrifying resulting death, so suddenly seeing the world as a place where they might as well have been /waiting/ to pop up and wreak fatal havoc on me – and panicking when everyone around me had gone to bed, deaf to calls for help and the beginnings of that (seemingly unwaveringly) imminent first seizure – absolutely demolished my ability to live in the moment, just to /live/ at all… it’s almost entirely long gone at this point, but to tell the truth, I had to illegally take alprazolam every night for months because I was refused mental care no matter how much my fears mutated in front of every single privy person’s eyes.

    and this entire sequence took course mainly from 2016-2018.

    still trying to recover from how badly I ripped my own life apart to deal with all the fear.

    but it’s good to know I’m /not/, in fact, just absolutely crazy.


  38. Reply

    Well it all started last year December I remember before I fell asleep I was listening to music and was rocking my head back and forth really hard and playing around and then I went to sleep and I woke up in the middle of the night and my head felt funny like it wasn’t pain it was just a funny feeling and it lingered for a couple days and it started to worry me so I went to the doctor a week later because of course I started looking up symptoms and all that came up was brain tumor or brain cancer so I got a CT scan and the doctor said everything looked good so o went home and felt at ease but the feeling continued on and ever since then I’ve been googling almost everyday about symptoms of brain tumor and risk factors and etc I keep talking to my friends about it and my boyfriend and they just keep bringing up the fact that I got a CT scan and everything was fine and I’m exaggerating so I don’t know I just keep constantly worrying and especially me being pregnant now it really scares me.

  39. Reply

    I am a serious hypochondriac. I not only have hypochondria, but I have a serious fear of death. It all began when a close friend passed away from an unknown illness. She didn’t go to the doctor because she didn’t have health insurance. Shortly after that, I took a biology course that went through the process of what happens to humans when they die. It was so horrifying for me, I couldn’t sleep. I kept wondering why am I trying to live if I’m just going to die? Then, I began to worry about my health. Just two years ago, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer which ignited my fears because now I know a serious illness runs in my family. I’m afraid to go the doctor, but afraid not to go. I don’t have decent health insurance and I’m transitioning jobs, so I don’t know if I will. I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried looking for psychologists, but even they cost too much. The issue is when you suffer from a disorder or anxiety and depression, you often have difficulty working. So how can you even afford to get the help you need? It seriously has put me in a circle of worry. I’ve been trying to overcome it on my own, but it’s hard.

    This is aside from my horrible family life and abuse. My mother was not very supportive. My father had schizophrenia. I need a lot of work. Glad I found this website and recognize there’s a word for what I’m experiencing.

  40. Reply
    Lost girl

    I think I’m a hypochondriac. I’m 20 and my symptoms started when I was much younger. I was always in the mirror as a little girl. Always looking inside my mouth and all over my body. Any slight pain would trigger worry and anxiety. I always felt contagious for no apparent reason. Now that I am in my 20’s my symptoms have returned and are much worse. I don’t want to have sex because I fear I’ll catch something. I obsess over my past sexual encounters and worry that I have HIV even though I have tested negative several times. I doubt tests that are 99.9% accurate because I worry that I can be that one unlucky person. Every little itch or bump I worry is something horrible and incurable. I have stressed myself out in ways that are so unhealthy. I have lost sleep. I am always on the internet trying to convince myself that I’m okay, but this is followed by doubt and anxiety.

    • Reply

      Reading these comments gave me relief and i think i’m doing okay .I’m a university student and i ‘m waiting for my final exam results .From two months i started to have fewling like i have a cancer or somthing like incurable disease. All these started with a little bump like thing on my leg and i freaked out from tgat and told my parents about it. But they didn’t care about it much and of course they always mocks at me if i’m going to faint or actually fainted that i ‘m very weak.So it’s no use of telling my worries about my health to them as thay do not care. So i started to search online even i have a pain in my finger and leg and everything.At every time i searched i udually goes to the cancer symtoms and i freaked out.But the unfortunate thing is for me that i have no one to talk about it other than my boyfriend. He is the one who told me about hypochondriac and i started reading about it and i got to know that i’m a hypochondriac. Thanks to you all who shared your rxperiences in here because you guys gave me big relief.

  41. Reply

    I have a close friend that suffers from this illness. She does not see it at all. She is constantly talking about every single little thing that she has. From a headache to bigger things. She really does have some real medical issues. However it’s the minor headaches or stuffed nose that becomes an ordeal. I love her so much but I am at a point that I want to just not deal with it or deal with it in a not very loving way. I want to be a good friend to her but I just don’t know how. She is in total denial so talking to her is not an option. I need help to help her and to help myself to deal with her.

  42. Reply
    Samuel peace

    Thank you so much on this information
    I always think I have deadly diseases which makes me very depressed but I belief from now on things will change

  43. Reply

    I am definitely a hypochondriac. I have been since about the age of 20, Im 28 now. I have a strong family history of anxiety. It doesn’t help that I am a nurse practitioner either because while in school I learned of the many diseases and while at work I see many of them come to life and then I start to think well maybe I have this too. These thoughts and erratic behaviors (I.e checking myself in the mirror constantly, excusing myself to go to the bathroom to check myself, googling every 5 seconds or asking a co worker to listen to my lungs) are not consistent, they come in waves. I definitely have a trigger or certain diseases that send me down a spiral. As of the past 3 months, I feel a new sensation or fixate on a new body part thinking hmmm this may be that illness rearing it’s ugly head at me. I Ofcourse know it will continue until I fix the underlying issue but try telling that to thousands of negative beliefs racing through my head. It’s definitely debilitating. I have sought professional help and as a health professional I know all the things or medications that need to be prescribed but I keep dodging them, at this point I rather talk about it and hope I’ll be strong enough to tuck my fears away.

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  45. Reply

    i have been looking and searching for someone to explain what this is and why i feel and think these things . i never had any history of these things anxiety ocd anything i was a normal teenager and one day i went to the doctor and everything was normal and was on my way to the mall in the car i suddenly felt extreme nausea and got this horrible feeling of anxiety my mom pulled over to the gas station i went inside to get water and felt like all the walls inside were closing in on me i didnt end up throwing up my everyone was mad at me since i had to make us turn around back home no one knew what was my problem and why i felt the way i felt my parents told me to get some sleep and ill wake up feeling fine and so i did when i woke up the feeling of nausea and extreme anxiety was still just lingering around me and it went on like this for months my life went into a huge depression and i was scared of the sun i was scared to eat i was scared to be awake during the day cause i thought i was going to die so i started thinking i had brain cancer cause the sudden onset change of my personality and so i went to get a MRI they cleared me and said i was fine so that helped me for awhile till i started thinking i had throat cancer the after a couple of months i was on to thinking i had stomach cancer then it was liver cancer and ive been having this for about 1 year now and i feels like it will never end but seeing im alone in this war going on in my head i feel hope ill get thro this because i have circled back to thinking i have a brain tumor again making up symptoms that aren’t real im getting help and have alot of support but it doesn’t feel enough i feel like a burden to everyone around me constantly need reassurance that im ok and that im just exaggerating i hope my story can help someone see that your not alone this is real and to keep fighting this shit.

    • Reply
      Dr. Andrew Rosen

      Hi Josh,

      Please contact us through the contact page to learn more about the options and support available.

  46. Reply

    Some of my relatives have called me a hypochondriac because I question things in my body that are abnormal for me, such as unexplained pains and whatnot. I would like to think that I am not a hypochondriac because I do not think that I am ill, but rather I just like to analyze everything and find an answer for everything, and that causes me to look up the things that catch my attention and talk about them with said relatives. There is no fear involved in me researching things like that, just a strange curiosity and a need for an answer.

    So, am I a hypochondriac?

    • Reply
      Dr. Andrew Rosen

      Hi John,

      Please contact us through the contact page so we can answer your questions.

      • Reply
        Samantha Storobinsky

        I always scare myself with everything little thing. I see someone else sick and I think I have whatever it is they have. I feel out of it and not myself and google signs of lukemia because I haven’t been hungry and I’ve lost weight so I automatically think the worst. Ever since the pandemic my anxiety became worse. Prior to the pandemic I was actually getting a hold of my anxiety. Whatever random pains I feel anywhere on my body I google it. I get so fixated on a place on my body and then it moves to another place on my body and I spend all my time googling. It upsets me and I just want to be happy and not have this physical anxiety. I’m 27 years old and this is just taking control of me. I feel like I want a doctor to check me from head to toe but what if they found something , then I would feel line my body was trying to tell me something and I ignored it. Can someone please give me advice.

        • Reply
          Dr. Andrew Rosen

          Hi Samantha, Please contact us through the contact page for the options and support available.

  47. Reply

    I’m currently in the er because I thought I was having a heart attack at 25. I’ve been in and out of the er for most of my life. Last time I was here I thought I had a brain tumor. My great grandma had illness anxiety, I have multiple mental illnesses since I was 14. I’ve always been ready to die and wanting to die young. I don’t want to live a long life. I even got my palm read which said I wouldn’t live long and that made me hopeful. As I sit in this bed, I’m coming to terms that maybe I’m a hypochondriac because every time they say I’m fine, I’m genuinely disappointed. I think maybe I’ll just stop going to the doctor all together and hope the symptoms do lead to an early death.

    • Reply
      Dr. Andrew Rosen

      Hi AT, Please contact us through the contact page to learn more about the options and support available.

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