Meet the Team

Our practice has been helping people for over thirty years overcome their problems. Our psychologists and psychiatrists thrive on helping people learn how to live comfortably and confidently.


Andrew Rosen PH.D., ABPP, FAACP

Founder and Clinical Director
Board-Certified Psychologist


David Gross MD, DLFAPA

Medical Director
Board-Certified Psychiatrist

Dr. Elizabeth Falchook

Elizabeth Falchook, MD

Board Certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist


Ryan Seidman, Psy.D

Clinical Psychologist

Joseph Brand, PH.D.

Clinical Psychologist


Seth Grobman, Psy.D

Clinical Psychologist

KC Charette, Psy.D

Clinical Psychologist

Steven Macchione

Steven Macchione, Psy.D

Clinical Psychologist

Jamie Levine, Psy.D

Postdoctoral Fellow

Carolyn Rubenstein

Carolyn Rubenstein, Ph.D

Postdoctoral Fellow


Gabrielle Avery-Peck, PH.D

Postdoctoral Fellow

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The Center offers cutting edge therapy designed to get you on the road to a speedy recovery. We offer cognitive behavior therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, mindfulness meditation, group therapy. and medication. Depending on your needs, here’s how you can get help now:

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